Saturday, May 9, 2009

Korean Lover

This year, I prefer to listen korean's song...I also like the singer group likeSuper Junior

They are cool ,funny, cute and also popular guy.
I always laugh when i watched their show in Youtube...

I think Super junior is a funny group and tohoshinki is a cool group.But i like both of them. They all make me happy. I love them... I feel like i want to go to Korea....

In Tohoshinki I like
Hero jaejoong

He is a beautiful man... he really like a girl and also cute... hmm... I was crazy of him beauce of his looking and funny attitude... He like kidding and give us the innocent face.... ^3^... Cute......

However Suju's


Si woneeteuk
They're also cute.. and they have different characteristic that make me become one of their fans..... wow......

how can i waste my time to wacth and listen all their mv and show....
Because of them this year I become korean lover..

I also like to check the new korean song from

I also like to watch some Tv show like star king, super junior Exploring human Body, X-man, Family outing, etc....

When i wacthed them, I will laugh and forget my stress. Not only that, i also forget to do my homework... how can i be like this... I can stop to watch them.... huhhuhuhuhu..... R u also same with me if u like some actress/actors????

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