Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today is very tired.. A lot of thing that i haven't done completely.... the first things is "Doing revision for my UEC.."
OMG.. I scared i can't do that..

Today i release my stress by watching Super Junior in Program You You Man Man....

Cute boy......

Saturday, June 20, 2009


SS501 is a 5-man band made up of members in their late teens. The name of the band is a combination of the alphabet and numbers that have special meanings for the band members. The first “S” stands for the “Sun” and the “Star.” The second “S” is an abbreviation for “Singer.” The number 5,0 and 1 means ‘the 5 members of the band become one.’ In other words, the name SS501 means that 5 members gathered together to become singers and later in the future, big stars in the entertainment world.
The 5 members of the band were either chosen through auditions for scouted by casting directors of the management agency. However, all the members went through fierce musical and dance trainings before they could perform as a band. However, although the members of the band started their careers as singers, each of them will eventually challenge other genres like acting or producing music. From the beginning, each of the member’s performance areas will not be limited to only singing. Hyun-joong and Jung-min are interested in acting. They are currently being trained in acting and will appear on stages or screens if they have a chance to. Hyung-joon and Young-saeng will also be performing as solo singers as well as with the band. Kyu-jong who is very much interested in making music will undergo various musical training and eventually become a producer.

Kim Hyun-joong
Date of birth : June 6th, 1986
Blood type : B
Physique : 180cm, 68kg
Education : Hanyang Industrial High School
Hobbies : Swimming, weight training, basketball, soccer
Talents : Playing the guitar, piano, dancing
Motto : Life in one strike.

Huh Young-saeng
Date of birth : November 3rd, 1986
Blood type : O
Physique : 178cm, 63kg
Education : Graduated from Hyundai High School
Hobbies : Computer games, basketball, listening to music
Talent : Playing the piano
Motto : Don’t look behind after doing your best.

Kim Kyu-jong
Date of birth : February 24th, 1987
Blood type : A
Physique : 181cm, 65kg
Education : Department of Popular Music, Baekje Arts Collge
Hobbies : Listening to music, basketball, reading
Talent : Performing magic
Motto : Challenge and don’t have regrets.

Park Jung-min
Date of birth : April 3rd, 1987
Blood type : O
Physique : 181cm, 67kg
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobby : Writing lyrics
Talents : Tap dancing, rock climbing
Motto : Be always grateful.

Kim Hyung-joon
Date of birth : August 3rd, 1987
Blood type : O
Physique : 181cm, 66kg
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobbies : Computer games, weight training, listening to music
Talents : Swimming, dancing
Motto : Walk and walk.

Album: SS501 (1st Single)

Released: June 25 ‘05

Track List:

1. Warning
2. Passion
3. Never Again
4. Take U High
5. Everything
6. Everything (Instrumental)

Album: Snow Prince (2nd Single)

Released: Dec 10 ‘05

Track List:

  1. White Person
  2. My Girl
  3. Snow Prince
  4. In Your Smile
  5. Fighter

Album: Deja Vu (3rd Single)

Released: March 11 ‘08

Track List:

  1. Deja vu
  2. A Song Calling for You
  3. Destiny

Album: Song Calling for You (remix; digital single)

Released: April 18 ‘08

Track List:

  1. Song Calling for You (remix)
  2. Song Calling for You (instrumental)

Album: You’re My Heaven

Released: June 27 ‘08

Track List:

  1. You Are My Heaven
  2. You Are My Heaven (Instrumental)

  3. Album: Thank You (Kim Hyun Joong)

Released: July 04 ‘08

Track List:

  1. Thank You
  2. Thank You (Instrumental)

Album: The Man’s Book Page, Page 198

Released: Oct 07 ‘08

Track List:

  1. Gaze
  2. Gaze (Violin Version)
  3. Gaze (Guitar Version)

Album: U R Man (Remix Edition)

Released: Jan 09′ 09

  1. U R Man (Remix)
  2. The One (Remix)

Album: U R Man (Mini Album)

Released: Nov 21 ‘08

Track List:

  1. WANT IT
  2. U R Man
  3. The ONE
  4. It’s Not Love
  5. Never Let You Go
  6. I AM

Album: Volume 1 – S.T 01 Now

Released: Nov 10 ‘06

Track List:

  1. Existence
  2. Four Chance
  3. Unlock
  4. Again
  5. Stand By Me
  6. Sky
  7. Coward
  8. Man
  9. Hana
  10. Confession
  11. Bye Bye
  12. Radio Star
  13. Wings of the World
  14. Warning (Remix Ver.)
  15. Unlock (Heavy Edition Feat. 김세황) (Hidden Track)

Album: FIND (Mini Album)

Released: July 28 ‘08

Track List:

  1. 너와 숨쉬다
  2. 넌나의천국
  3. FIND
  4. 고맙다(vocal 현중)
  5. 넌나의천국-inst.
  6. FIND-inst.
  7. 사랑해X5
  8. 고맙다-accoustic ver.

Digital Japanese releases

Album: Kokoro

Released: August 1 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Kokoro
  2. Be a Star
  3. Alice
  4. Kokoro (instrumental)
  5. Be a Star (instrumental)
  6. Alice (instrumental)

Album: Kokoro (Limited A Edition)

Released: August 1 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Kokoro
  2. Be a Star
  3. Rize Up (Hyun Joong)
  4. Kokoro (instrumental)
  5. Be a Star (instrumental)
  6. Rize Up (instrumental)

Album: Kokoro (Limited B Edition)

Released: August 1 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Kokoro
  2. Be a Star
  3. First Time Looking in the Sky (Young Saeng)
  4. Kokoro (instrumental)
  5. Be a Star (instrumental)
  6. First Time Looking in the Sky (instrumental)

Album: Kokoro (Limited C Edition)

Released: August 1 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Kokoro
  2. Be a Star
  3. Light (Kyu Joong)
  4. Kokoro (instrumental)
  5. Be a Star (instrumental)
  6. Light (instrumental)

Album: Kokoro (Limited D Edition)

Released: August 1 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Kokoro
  2. Be a Star
  3. Here (Jung Min)
  4. Kokoro (instrumental)
  5. Be a Star (instrumental)
  6. Here (instrumental)

Album: Kokoro (Limited E Edition)

Released: August 1 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Kokoro
  2. Be a Star
  3. Can’t Say Good Bye (Hyun Joon)
  4. Kokoro (instrumental)
  5. Be a Star (instrumental)
  6. Can’t Say Good Bye (instrumental)

Album: Distance

Released: September 19 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Distance
  2. Gleaming Star
  3. Wonderful World
  4. Distance (Instrumental)
  5. Gleaming Star (Instrumental)
  6. Wonderful World (Instrumental)

Album: Lucky Days

Released: June 18 ‘08

Track List:

  2. Summer Blue
  3. Song Calling for You (Japanese Version)
  4. LUCKY DAYS (Instrumental)
  5. Summer Blue (Instrumental)
  6. Song Calling for You (Instrumental)

Album: Lucky Days (Limited Edition)

Released: June 18 ‘08

Track List:

  2. Summer Blue
  3. Hoshizora (Regular Edition)
  4. Song Calling for You (Limited Edition)
  5. LUCKY DAYS (Instrumental)
  6. Summer Blue (Instrumental)
  7. Song Calling for You (Instrumental)
  8. Hoshizora(Instrumental)

Album Japanese Releases

Album: SS501

Released: October 10 ‘07

Track List:

  1. LIVE!
  2. Distance
  3. 4Chance (Watch Game)
  4. Honto Ni Sukidatta
  6. Again
  7. Boundless
  8. Butterfly
  9. Always And Forever
  10. Sunset
  11. Kokoro


Album: A Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

Released: Feb 13 ‘07

Track List:

  1. Love That Can’t Be Erased

Album: Boys Over Flowers


Track List:

  1. Because I’m Stupid

MV / Videos:

1. Snow Prince (11-12-05 Inkigayo)

2. Snow Prince MV

3. Love that cannot be erased (OST Surgeon Bong Dal He)

4. If we are together (OST STrongest Chil Woo)

5. Unlock MV

6. Kokoro MV

7. 1388 Helping Song MV

8. with big bang hot’s candy and ss501 sechskies how deep is your love

9. Warning MV

10. Everything MV

11. The One and U R Man (22-11-08 Music Core Comeback specia)

12. Run to you and Too you feat brian, gummy

(30-09-06 daehak gayochae)

13. Deja Vu MV

14. Unlock MV

Tohoshinki member

Xiah Junsu
Stage Name: Xiah
Real Name: Kim JunSu (김준수)
Position: Vocal (Baritenor)
Age: 20/22 (Western/Korean)
Registered: January 1st, 1987
Birth date: December 15, 1986
Birthplace : Kyung Gi Do
Education: 3rd year university student
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Games, singing, piano and soccer
Micky Yoochun
Stage Name: Micky
Real Name: Park YooChun (박유천)
Position: Vocal (Bass-baritone)
Age: 21/22 (Western/Korean)
Birthday: June 4, 1986
Birthplace : Seoul
Education: 1st year university student
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: 0
Hobbies: Composing music and basketball
Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing music
Hero Jaejoong
Stage Name: Hero (Young Woong)
Real Name: Kim Jae Joong (김재중)
Position: Main Vocals
Age: 21/22 (Western/Korean)
Birthday: January 26, 1986
Birthplace : Choong Nam
Education: Senior (Last Year of High School)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Games and listening to music
Special Ability: Singing
Max Changmin
Stage Name: Max (Choi Kang)
Real Name: Shim Chang Min (심창민)
Position: Vocal (Tenor)
Age: 19/20 (Western/Korean)
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Birthplace : Seoul
Education: 2nd year university student
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Games, singing, reading and listening to music
U-know Yunho
Stage Name: U-Know
Real Name: Jung YunHo (정윤호)
Position: Vocal (Baritone); Leader
Age: 21/22 (Western/Korean)
Birthday: February 6, 1986
Birthplace : Jun Nam
Education: 3rd year university student
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, sports and composing music
Special Ability: Singing and dancing

TVXQ and Super Junior ALbum

  • Sorry,Sorry (2009)
    1. Sorry,Sorry
    2. Why i like you
    3. Let's not..
    4. Angela
    5. Monster
    6. What If
    7. Heartquake
    8. Club No.1
    9. Happy Together
    10. Dead at Heart
    11. Shining Star
  • Don't Don Version 3 (2007)
    1. 돈 돈! (Don't Don)
    2. 소원이 있나요 (Sapphire Blue
    3. You're My Endless Love (말하자면)
    4. "Marry U" (New ver.)
    5. Disco Drive
    6. 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
    7. I Am
    8. 사랑이 떠나다 (She's Gone)
    9. 거울 (Mirror)
    10. 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
    11. Midnight Fantasy
    12. Thank You
    13. 아주 먼 옛날 (Song For You)
  • Don't Don Version 1 (2007)
    1. 돈 돈! (Don't Don)
    2. 소원이 있나요 (Sapphire Blue)
    3. You're My Endless Love
    4. 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
    5. Disco Drive
    6. Marry U
    7. I Am
    8. 사랑이 떠나다 (She's Gone)
    9. Missin' U
    10. 거울 (Mirror)
    11. 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
    12. Midnight Fantasy
    13. Thank you
    14. 아주 먼 옛날 (Song For You)
  • SuperJunior05 (TWINS) (2005)
    1. Miracle
    2. TWINS (Knock Out)
    3. You Are The One
    4. Rock This House
    5. 차근차근 (Way For Love)
    6. So I
    7. Over
    8. Keep In Touch
    9. L.O.V.E.
    10. Believe
    11. TWINS (Knock Out)

  • Mirotic (2008)
    1. 주문 (MIROTIC) (Jumun; Spell)
    2. Wrong Number
    3. 노을.. 바라보다 (Noeul.. Baraboda; Look At.. The Sunset)
    4. Crazy Love
    5. HEY! (Don't Bring Me Down)
    6. 넌 나의 노래 (Neon Nae Norae; You're My Melody)
    7. 무지개 (Mujigae; Rainbow)
    8. 낙원 (Nakwon; Paradise)
    9. 악녀 (Are You A Good girl?) (Aknyeo; Villainess)
    10. Flower Lady
    11. 잊혀진계절 (Itchyeojingyejeol; Forgotten Season)
    12. Love in the Ice [Korean version]
  • "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. (2006) -
    1. "O"-正.反.合. ("O" - Jung.Ban.Hap.) -
    2. 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You're my miracle) -
    3. Hey! Girl -
    4. Get Me Some -
    5. I'll Be There -
    6. 네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면 (White Lie - in Version C & D ONLY) -
    7. Remember -
    8. 이제 막 시작된 이야기 (The story has just begun) -
    9. ON&ON -
    10. Phantom 환영 -
    11. You only love -
    12. 풍선 (Balloons) -
  • Rising Sun (2005) -
    1. Tonight -
    2. Beautiful Life -
    3. Rising Sun (순수)
    4. 바보 (Unforgettable)
    5. 네가 허락할테니 (Love Is Never Gone)
    6. Love After Love
    7. Dangerous Mind
    8. One
    9. Love Is..
    10. Free Your Mind (feat. TRAX)
    11. 작은 고백 (Your Love Is All I Need) -
    12. 약속했던 그때에 (Always There…) -
  • Tri-angle (2004) -
    1. 믿어요 (Believe) -
    2. Thanks To
    3. Tri-Angle (Extended version, feat. BoA and The TRAX)
    4. 내 여자친구가 되어줄래? (Will you be my girlfriend?)
    5. Whatever They Say (A cappella)
    1. Million Men -
    2. 지금처럼 (Like now) -
    3. I Never Let Go -
    4. 꼬마야 (Hey, Kid) -
    5. 넌 언제나 (You always) -
    6. Hug
    7. My Little Princess
    8. The Way U Are
    9. Tri-Angle (TVXQ Version)


TVXQ (often stylized TVXQ!or TVfXQ), an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi(東方神起), is a South Korean boy band quintet formed under SM Entertainment in 2003. In South Korea they are known as Dong Bang Shin Gi[4][5] (동방신기); they were later introduced in Japan as Tohoshinki (東方神起 Tōhōshinki?) under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone in 2005. Their name roughly translates as "Rising Gods of the East". Since their debut, TVXQ has become one of the most popular singing groups in East Asia, gaining great popularity in such countries as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other East Asian regions.

In 2008, with the release of their sixteenth Japanese single, "Purple Line", which debuted atop the Oricon single chart, TVXQ became the fifth non-Japanese Asian artist and the first male foreign group to have a number-one single on the chart. With their twenty-third single, "Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?", TVXQ set a new record, becoming the first foreign artist to have three singles debut atop the chart. In 2009, with the release of their twenty-seventh single, "Share the World/We Are!", TVXQ extended their record, making them the first foreign artist to have six number-one singles on the Oricon.


2003–2005: Debut

Before their debut, the group was offered three tentative names: O Jang Yukbu (오장육부 lit. The Five Visceras), Jeonseoleul Meokgo Saneun Gorae (전설을 먹고 사는 고래 lit. A Whale That Eats Legends), and Dong Bang Bul Pae (동방불패, the Korean title of Ashes of Time). They decided on Dong Bang Bul Pae; however, the name was rejected because the Hanja was not aesthetically pleasing, and the name was changed to Dong Bang Shin Gi, which was named by Soo-Man Lee's acquaintance.

TVXQ made their debut on December 26, 2003 during a BoA and Britney Spears showcase, where they performed their debut single "Hug" and an a cappella rendition of "O Holy Night" with BoA.The group released their debut single "Hug" in January 2004; it peaked at #4 on the monthly charts and sold a total of 169,532 copies, making it the fourteenth best-selling record of the year.Their second single, "The Way U Are" (July 2004), debuted at #2 spot on the charts, becoming the ninth best-selling-record of the year, selling 214,069 copies.TVXQ released their debut album, Tri-Angle (October 2004). Tri-angle debuted atop the charts and sold a total of 242,580 copies, making it the year's eighth best-selling record.

In April 2005, TVXQ debuted in Japan under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone with the single "Stay with Me Tonight".They released their second Japanese single, "Somebody to Love", before returning to Korea and releasing their second Korean album Rising Sun. Rising Sun debuted atop the charts and became the fourth best-selling-record of 2005 with a total of 222,472 copies sold.. TVXQ ended the year with two releases: their third Japanese single, "My Destiny", and a Korean single with label-mate Super Junior, "Show Me Your Love". The latter debuted atop the charts and sold 49,945 copies, making it the thirty-fifth best-selling record of the year.At the end of the year, TVXQ received the Best Music Video award for the song "Rising Sun" and the People's Choice Award at the 2005 Mnet KM Music Video Festival.

2006–2007: Foray into Asia

TVXQ began 2006 with their first international tour, Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour. In addition to South Korea, they toured in China, Thailand, and Malaysia, making them the first Korean performers to hold a concert in Malaysia. In March, the group released their fourth Japanese single, "Asu wa Kuru Kara" (明日は来るから lit. Because Tomorrow Will Come?), and their debut Japanese album, Heart, Mind and Soul. The album debuted on the weekly Oricon album chart at #25 with 9,554 copies sold.[18] Their fifth Japanese single, "Rising Sun/Heart, Mind and Soul", released a month later, debuted on the Oricon singles chart at #22.To support the album, TVXQ held their first Japanese tour, 1st Live Tour 2006: Heart, Mind and Soul, from May to June.. TVXQ released two more Japanese singles, "Begin" and "Sky". The latter debuted at #6, making it the group's first single to reach the Top Ten. In the summer, TVXQ performed in Avex's annual A-Nation summer concert.

The group resumed their Korean activities with the release of their third album, "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. ("O"-正.反.合. lit. "O"-Thesis.Antithesis.Synthesis) in September 2006. Like their previous Korean albums, "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. debuted atop the charts; with a total of 349,317 copies sold, it became the number-one record of the year. Two months after "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap, the group released another Japanese single, "Miss You/"O" - Sei-Han-Gō" (miss you/"O"‐正・反・合 lit. Miss You/"O" - Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis?), which debuted on the chart at #3, making it their first Top Five single. At the 2006 MKMF Music Festival, TVXQ won four awards, "Best Artist of the Year", "Best Group", "" and "Mnet Plus Mobile People's Choice Award".At the 16th Music Seoul Festival, TVXQ won three awards including a "Daesang" award.The group won another "Daesang" award at the 21st Golden Disk Awards 2006, in addition to a "Bonsang".At the SBS Gayo Awards 2006, TVXQ won another "Daesang" and "Bonsang" award.

TVXQ began 2007 with a new Japanese single, "Step By Step", which was followed by their second Asian tour, The 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O'.The tour took place in Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing.In March, the group released their tenth Japanese single, "Choosey Lover", and their second Japanese album, Five in the Black. Both debuted in the Top 10 of their respective charts, the former at #9 and the latter at #10. In May, the group attended the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards Japan and won the "Best Buzz Asia in Korea" award for their album "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.From June to December 2007, the group released a string of five singles: "Lovin' You", "Summer: Summer Dream/Song for You/Love in the Ice", "Shine / Ride On", "Forever Love" and "Together". "Summer: Summer Dream/Song for You/Love in the Ice" reached #2 on the Oricon, making it the group's highest-charting Japanese single to that point. TVXQ also collaborated with label-mate Kumi Koda for her thirty-eighth single, "Last Angel", which was used as the theme song for the Japanese release of Resident Evil: Extinction.

2008–present: Rise of popularity in Japan and return to South Korea

TVXQ released their sixteenth Japanese single, "Purple Line", on January 16, 2008. It debuted atop the Oricon, becoming the group's first number-one in Japan and making them first foreign male group to have a number-one single in Japan.They then released their third Japanese album, T, which debuted at #4 on the Oricon Weekly album chart.TVXQ's label Rhythm Zone, announced the "Trick" project where five singles would be released consecutively for six weeks, from February to March and each single would contain a solo track by a member.The group released their twenty-third single, "Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta" in April. The single became another number-one for the group and made them the first non-Japanese Asians with two number-one singles since Ou-Yang Fei Fei set the record 24 years before. They returned to Korea to participate in the 14th Annual Dream Concert at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul on June 7.On June 12, TVXQ concluded their Asia Tour in Beijing which had begun on February 23, 2007 in Seoul.TVXQ returned to Japan and released their twenty-fourth single, "Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?" The single topped the chart, making TVXQ the first foreign artists to have three number-one singles on the Oricon.They performed at Avex's 20th anniversary meeting and at A-Nation '08. In August, TVXQ returned to Korea once again to take part in SMTown Live '08. They performed alongside label-mates BoA, Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace, Zhang Liyin, Girls' Generation, Shinee and Super Junior.

The group's fourth Korean album, Mirotic, was slated to be released on September 24 but due to the large number of pre-orders was pushed back two days. Like their previous Korean album, Mirotic debuted atop the charts with 307,974 copies sold. In early January 2009, the album's sales totaled 502,837 copies, making it the first Korean album in six years to pass the 500,000 mark. In October, TVXQ released "Jumon: Mirotic", the Japanese version of Mirotic's title track. The single topped the Oricon chart, breaking the record that the group had set with their previous single. TVXQ attended Kōhaku Uta Gassen Music Festival on New Year's Eve, making them the first Korean group to attend.

Their twenty-fifth single "Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide", released in January 2009, became another number-one for the group. In March, TVXQ released their twenty-sixth single "Survivor" which was followed by their fourth Japanese album, The Secret Code, which debuted at #2 on the charts. "Survivor" debuted at #3 on the charts subsequently ending their number-one streak. On April 22, 2009, they released their twenty-seventh single "Share the World/We Are!". The single debuted atop the charts, extending their Oricon record. On July 1, 2009, TVXQ will release their twenty-eighth single, "Stand by U".


Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어), often referred to as SJ or SuJu (슈주), is a boy band from Seoul, South Korea that was formed under SM Entertainment in 2005. With a total of thirteen members, they are the largest boy band in the world.[1] The members are Leeteuk (the leader), Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, and later, Kyuhyun. The Chinese member, Han Geng, was chosen among three thousand applicants through auditions held in China by SM Entertainment in 2001.

Super Junior has released and contributed in 19 different kinds of records with varying degrees of success. Over the years, they have been divided into smaller sub groups, simultaneously targeting different music industries and audiences. Largely due to Super Junior's success as entertainers, other Korean entertainment managements began to train their music groups in other areas of entertainment, such as acting and hosting.In addition to their commercial success, Super Junior has earned four music awards from the M.NET/KM Music Festival, another four from the Golden Disk Awards, and is the second singing group to win Favorite Artist Korea at the MTV Asia Awards after JTL in 2003.

Musical history


Since the late 1990s, Korean talent agency and record label SM Entertainment has been holding annual auditions to scout new talents that complemented the success of pop groups H.O.T, S.E.S, and Shinhwa, all of which were created by SM founder Lee Soo-man in the mid 1990s. Leeteuk and Eunhyuk were the first two members of the group to be recruited in 2000 under SM's Starlight Casting System in Seoul.

In 2001, the company held their first oversea casting auditions and discovered Han Geng in Beijing, who was chosen among three thousand applicants.That same year, Yesung was discovered under Seoul's casting system; Sungmin and Donghae were then selected to be trainees after their appearance in an SM-sponsored contest. A year later, Heechul and Kangin was recruited along with Kibum, who was discovered in Los Angeles. Siwon was casted in 2003 and Ryeowook in 2004, in which the latter was discovered through the Chinchin Youth Festival singing competition. In 2005, Shindong was selected.

Not long after boy band TVXQ's debut in 2003, news about Lee's unprecedented plans of forming another boy band quickly spread on the Internet. In early 2005, Lee confirmed the news and announced that an all-boy project group of twelve members would debut near the end of the year, promoting this singing group to be "The Gateway to Stardom of Asia."Lee announced that unlike most debuting pop groups that has members with no pre-debut experience, the members in this group were chosen because of their performing experiences as actors, MCs, models, and radio hosts prior debut. Heechul and Kibum made their first appearances in dramas and films; Leeteuk, Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Siwon have had television appearances, and Han Geng made his first media appearance as a model. Heechul also became an established radio host and MC after his television drama debut in early 2005.Lee also stated, though not directly, that this group would be a rotational group, with a concept very similar to Japan's girl group, Morning Musume. Line-up changes would occur every year, and new members would replace some of the older members.

For a while the group was rumored to be called O.V.E.R, the acronym for "Obey the Voice for Each Rhythm." However, before the group settled with their current name, the company simply referred to them as Junior, a representation of the members' young ages when they first became SM trainees.After the members' showcased their different talents to the company at a picnic, the company finalized their concept name to Super Junior. The group thereafter became officially Super Junior 05, the first generation of Super Junior.

Super Junior 05 made their pre-debut on the Korean channel Mnet on September 11, 2005.At the showcase, they performed various styles of hip hop dancing. The group danced to B2K's "Take It To The Floor." Han Geng, Eunhyuk, and Donghae also performed a separate dance away from the group, dancing to Usher's "Caught Up." However, the performance did not air on television until May 16, 2006 as a segment in the Super Junior Show, the group's first television documentary

2005–2006: The Super Junior project

Super Junior 05 debuted in SBS's music program Popular Songs on November 6, 2005, performing their first single, "TWINS (Knock Out)." A digital single with "TWINS (Knock Out)", "You are the one", and three additional tracks were released online on November 8. A physical CD single was scheduled to be released in November but a more complete album, SuperJunior05 (TWINS), was released on December 5, 2005 instead. Their debut album sold 28,536 copies in the first month of release and debuted at #3 in the monthly chart of December 2005. In that same month, they released "Show Me Your Love," a collaboration single with TVXQ. "Show Me Your Love" became the best-selling record of December 2005, selling 49,945 copies that month.

After "TWINS (Knock Out)" and "Show Me Your Love" promotions were finished, Super Junior 05 promoted their second single "Miracle" in February 2006. "Miracle" was the group's first single to peak #1 in online music charts of South Korea as well as the international music chart of Thailand.As promotions for "Miracle" came to an end, SM Entertainment began selecting new members for Super Junior's second line-up project, Super Junior 06. The company even prepared a list of chosen members that were to graduate from the group. However, no members were taken out and a thirteenth member was added instead in May 2006. The line-up project has been abandoned since then, and the group became known as just Super Junior, without the suffix "05".

2006–2007: Breakthrough success

On May 23, 2006, SM Entertainment revealed the thirteenth member Kyuhyun, who was discovered through a singing competition in 2005. They released their single "U" online for free download on May 25, 2006 in their official website. "U" had over 400 thousand downloads within five hours of release and it ultimately exceeded 1.7 million downloads, crashing the server.[15][16] The physical single of "U" with a total of three tracks was released on June 6, 2006, eventually selling over 81,000 units by the end of the year.[17] During this time, an official fanclub was created for the group, E.L.F., an alphabetism derived from the phrase "Ever-lasting Friends." Super Junior's official color became pearl sapphire blue.[5][d]

"U" yielded number-one spots for five consecutive weeks on two of Korea's top music programs for the first time in the group's career."Dancing Out," their first promotional single for SM Town's annual summer album, was released on July 20, 2006 and met similar success, grabbing two single awards in August.Super Junior collected over seven awards in five of South Korea's top music award ceremonies as 2006 came to a close, winning Best New Group and popularity awards.

Due to busy individual schedules, Super Junior promotional activities remained inactive in the latter months of 2006 except for Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior's first official subgroup. The ballad-singing trio debuted on November 5, 2006, with the performance of "The one I love", the theme song for the tvN television drama Hyena (하이에나).[20] A second subgroup arrived in February 2007 called Super Junior-T. The trot-singing group released their first single "Rokuko" in February 23, 2007 and made a debut performance two days later.[21] That following March, Yesung, Kang-in, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun participated in an original soundtrack for the first time, singing the opening and ending themes "Success" and "H.I.T" for the Korean miniseries, H.I.T.

2007–2008: Setbacks

Due to Kyuhyun's severe injury from the April 19 car accident, only twelve members of Super Junior recorded "Full of Happiness" (행복), their next single for SM Town. Released in mid-July 2007, the summer single accelerated quickly in singles charts in both South Korea and Thailand and soon became a number-one hit in Thailand's international charts a month later.

Super Junior's second official album was intended for a late 2006 release, but due to Heechul's injury from a car accident on August 10, 2006 and the April 19 car accident, Don't Don was not released until September 20, 2007. Within the first three days of release, offline album sales for Don't Don passed the 11,000 unit mark, debuting as #1 in all available offline charts. It finished the September monthly album sales as number one. 60,000 units were shipped by the first week of release and additional copies were printed. After three months of release, Don't Don sold 164,058 copies, making it Super Junior's best-selling album. It was also the second best-selling album of 2007, falling 26,940 copies short of SG Wannabe's The Sentimental Chord.

Super Junior performed their first performance for the album in late September 2007, performing the album's first single "Don't Don" at KBS's Music Bank. The single rose quickly in music charts a week after release, winning its first number-one "Mutizen Song" recognition on October 21, 2007 and later on M!Countdown, sharing the #1 song of the week along with "Everyday" by V.O.S on November 1, 2007.Super Junior moved to their second single "Marry U" in mid-November, which failed to meet the same achievements as "Don't Don."

Supported by the release of Don't Don, Super Junior was nominated in seven separate categories at the 2007 M.NET/KM Music Festival that was held on November 17, 2007. Super Junior won three of those categories including Netizen Choice Award and Mobile Popularity, being the biggest winner of the night. The group also won Best Artist of the Year (Daesang), termed by many as the highest recognition of the ceremony.Super Junior collected two more awards on December 14, 2007 at the 2007 Golden Disk Awards.Although defeated by SG Wannabe in winning the Daesang, Super Junior won a Bonsang and the TPL Anycall Popularity Award, which were reported as expected wins for the group by the media after the success of Don't Don.

2008–present: Beyond Korea

On October 2, 2007, SM Entertainment announced a third Super Junior sub-unit Super Junior-M, a subgroup designated for the Chinese market. This announcement had created a controversy between the fans and the management as fans did not support new members for a Super Junior subgroup.Nonetheless, Super Junior-M were successful in China, having the opportunity to hold two sold-out concerts in Hong Kong,top weekly ratings with their appearance on variety programs, and were given endorsement contracts, notably Semir and Pepsi.With the absence of almost half of the members in Korea, a fourth Super Junior sub-unit was created that same year to prevent Super Junior from disappearing in the Korean music industry. With five members from Super Junior-T and Yesung, they formed the subgroup, Super Junior-Happy. Super Junior-Happy released the EP Cooking? Cooking! on June 5, 2008, and promotions ended on September 7, lasting for four months. In November 2008, Super Junior-T returned, this time as a singing group in Japan, called SuperJunior-TxMoeyan; this group added Moeyan, a famous two-woman comedy group in Japan.

Super Junior's first major tour, Super Show, commenced on February 22, 2008 in Seoul. The tour covered three countries and had shows on six different cities, including Bangkok, Shanghai, and Beijing.On August 2, 2008, Super Junior expanded their routes to Genting Highlands, Malaysia, being one of the top guest performers at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 along with other international performing artists such as OneRepublic and the Jabbawockeez.[4] They are the third SM artist to win Favorite Artist Korea at the MTV Asia Awards after Kangta and BoA, and the second musical group to win the award after JTL in 2003.[4]

Super Junior's third album, Sorry, Sorry, was released on March 12, 2009. The title single off the album, "Sorry, Sorry" was digitally released on March 9, 2009.In less than a week after preorders were announced, over 150,000 copies were pre-ordered. Sorry, Sorry was their first album to debut at #1 on the Hanteo Charts, and it sold over 29,000 copies the first day, defeating Seo Taiji's record of 25,000.Promotions for the album started March 13 with the performance of "Sorry, Sorry" and "Why I Like You" on Music Bank. Two weeks later, "Sorry, Sorry" became the number one song of the week on the same program. During the group's performance on music program Popular Songs on March 15, ratings went up to as high as 14%, the highest in recent years. From March to May, "Sorry, Sorry" collected a total of ten #1 awards with consecutive wins.

Super Junior Member biodata

Super Junior

Super Junior was created with a different idea from conventional pop music bands. Super Junior performs as a band but at the same time, it is a talent nurturing system in which each member of the band is trained to become a singer, an actor, emcee, comedian, song writer or a fashion model according to the talent each member has. From the very beginning, Super Junior aimed for not only the Korean market but also the Asian stages. The first group of Super Junior officially debuted in November 2005 with the album “Super Junior 05.”

Lee Teuk
Real name : Park Jeong-soo
Date of birth : July 1st, 1983
Physique : 179cm, 59kg
Hobbies : Listening to music, surfing the Internet, singing
Talent : Song-writing, playing the piano


Birth name Kim Heechul
Born July 10, 1983 (1983-07-10)
Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, alternative rock, trot
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, television host, MC, DJ, model
Instrument(s) Singing, rapping, piano, Drums
Voice type(s) Tenor
Education : Department of Tourism English, Sangji Youngseo College
Hobbies : Writing poetry and children’s stories, playing computer games
Debut : KBS “Rounding Off 2,” KBS television drama

Han Geng

Birth name Han Geng
Ancestry Nanai
Origin People's Republic of China
Born February 9, 1984 (1984-02-09)
Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China
Other name(s) Hankyung (한경)
Occupation Singer, dancer, actor, model
Genre(s) Mandopop, C-rock, dance, R&B, hip hop, bubblegum pop,K-pop
Instrument(s) Singing, piano
Physique : 181cm, 66kg
Hobby : Computer games
Talents : Chinese traditional dances, ballet
* Han Kyung was a successful candidate in SM Entertainment’s auditioning program in China, “H.O.T. China.”

Birth name Kim Jongwoon
Also known as Yesung
Born August 24, 1984 (1984-08-24)
Cheonan, Republic of Korea
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, DJ
Instrument(s) Singing, piano
Voice type(s) Baritone
Physique :178cm, 64kg
Education :Sunmoon University
Hobbies : Singing, listening to music, watching movies, reading, exercising

Birth name Kim Youngwoon
Also known as Kang-in
Born January 17, 1985 (1985-01-17)
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, trot
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, television host, MC, DJ
Instrument(s) Singing, piano, guitar
Physique : 180cm, 70kg
Talents : Acting, singing , swimming

Birth name Shin Donghee
Also known as Shindong
Born September 28, 1985 (1985-09-28) (age 23)
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, hip hop, R&B, trot
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, MC, DJ
Instrument(s) Singing, rapping, beatboxing, piano, guitar
Physique : 178cm, 90kg
Talents : Facial expressions, comedy acts, dancing

Birth name Lee Sungmin
Born January 1, 1986 (23)
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, trot
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, DJ
Instrument(s) piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums
Physique : 175cm, 57kg
Education : Department of Broadcasting & Entertainemnt, Seoul Arts College
Hobbies : Watching movies, playing various musical instruments
Talents : Chinese martial art

Birth name Lee Hyukjae
Also known as Eunhyuk
Born April 4, 1986 (1986-04-04)
Origin South Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, hip hop, R&B, trot
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, MC, DJ
Instrument(s) Singing, rapping, piano
Physique : 176cm, 58kg
Hobbies : Sports, listening to music
Talent : Dancing

Birth name Lee Donghae
Also known as Donghai (東海/东海)
Born October 15, 1986 (1986-10-15)
Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, Mandopop, hip hop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor
Instrument(s) Singing, rapping, piano, guitar
Physique : 175cm, 60kg
Hobbies : Sports, watching movies

Birth name Choi Siwon
Also known as Cui Shiyuan (崔始源)
Born April 7, 1987 (1987-04-07)
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, Mandopop
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, model
Instrument(s) Singing, drums, pian
Physique : 182cm, 67kg
Education : Department of Arts and Sports, Inha University
Hobbies : Watching movies, playing the drums, Taekwondo
Talents : Chinese language, singing, dancing, acting

Birth name Kim Ryeowook
Also known as Lixu (厲旭/厉旭)
Born June 21, 1987 (1987-06-21)
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, Mandopop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor
Instrument(s) Singing, piano
Physique : 173cm, 58kg
Education : Department of Drama and Films, Inha University
Talents : Singing, song-writing

Birth name Kim Kibum
Born August 21, 1987 (1987-08-21)
Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, actor, model
Instrument(s) Singing, rapping, piano
Physique : 179cm, 58kg
Hobbies : Vocal practicing
Talent : English
Debut : “Kiss of April,” KBS, 2004Heechul

Birth name Cho Kyuhyun
Also known as Guixian (圭賢/圭贤)
Born February 3, 1988 (1988-02-03)
Origin Republic of Korea
Genre(s) K-pop, Mandopop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer
Instrument(s) Singing, piano