Saturday, June 20, 2009

miss my home

Today, we no need to study.but we must go to the stadium. however the singing choir and choral speaking student must not go there. we must go back to school and practice for the competition for next week. I participate in both of them. but today i follow the singing choir practise.^^
I scare i lose my voice because i want to participate in both of them.
hmmm.... don't worry... I believe i can do that. God, please help me......

After school, i ready to watch Super Junior in Youtube. Today i watch "Unbelievable outing". They are so funny there. Not only that i also get their mandarin song from Super Junior M. I like "love song" and aslo " Zhi shao hai you ni". WOW.. That's very fantastic.

Tommorow is my older sister birthday. I hope she can get her dream and all the best for her...
Hepi beday.....^^

All my sister and parent gather at padang now. only me at penang. I really miss them. I also want to go home and waste my time with them. huhuhuhuhu....... I want...........................

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