Wednesday, June 17, 2009

busy month

It almost 5 months before UEC exam...
I still not ready to do my revision. I feel lazy when i see my books except if there are homeworks.
This first semester examination, i did better than before. My math got the second place in my class. I am really happy and i was chosen to go to Math Quiz in my school. However i scare i cant do it. Not only that, this month i really busy with some competition. there are singing competition (Pesta Music) , Choral speaking competition and Bahasa Malaysia Forum. I hope i can do it well.

Now, everyday i must watch some of Super Junior movie or MV. They are really nice group. There are 13 members in Super Junior Group. each of them has different characteristic but they love each other like brother. wow.. they are really nice and adorable. I like them.

I also watch some their movie like attack on the pin-up, come to play with suju,unbelievable Outing, Suju E.H.B, suju Full house, Suju mini drama, suju in Star King and many more. they are really funny. After watch them i will feel happy and no preassure. what a good things rite?

hehehe..... I am happy this month and also will be tired.. But i hope the best for me...

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