Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Day in 2010

Today, my new life come....
I am not high school student...
I am collage student..
This year i will do my best....

My resolution are :
1. be my self
2. love all people around me
3. be better person
4. i must confident with my self
5. all i need now is focus to my study

jia you.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1 november, I and my classmates(only S3) went to Langkawi island and back to penang 3rd November. We get a lot of experience there. Go to a lot of island is the amazing things. Now some of us get sunburn...My skin is really pain now. huahuahua.....

We arrived around 11.30 at langkawi. After lunch, we go to our apartment(rent). We also rent 2 car there.10 of us divided into 2 car. the first car, there are jermine, jia jenq, teng teng, viriya and opal as driver. I. jessi , Sebastian, William and Li kiew as driver.At aparment, we get new problem, that people said, the apartment only fo 4 person. After get a new idea, we can sole this problem. that time, i am very angry and bad mood.Maybe it is because, it was very very hot. with a map, we went to KOTA MAHSURI, go-kart and have seafood dinner at CENANG BEACH.
At night, some of us played card, but I, jessi, opal, and sebastian prefer go to sleep because next day we must wake up earlier.

Second day i langkawi, we go to Island hopping and mangrove tour. In the morning, I waked up at 6 am, I can't sleep. after that one by one the other also waked up and taked a bath. we only get breakfast with bread and chocolate jam. Island hopping, we go to 3 island. There are pantai dayan bunting, pantai beras basah,and pantai..(i forgot the name, but there we can feeding the eagles).there are lake in pantai dayan bunting. This island called "bunting" means pregnant because the shape of this island really like pregnant woman.Pantai beras basah is the most beautiful island that i never seen before. The water is really blue and clean.we also went to Fish Farm in thistrip and also at mangrove tour.We got our seafood brakfast at Pantai Cenang.After lunch, we go to mangrove tour.At mangrove tour, we go to Kilim river, bat cave and also goa kelelawar. Its also bautiful mangrove.At last, we got our lunch at MArryBrown and bought chocolates.

The second night, we( not including sebastian and teng2) share our feeling and opinion. we also told our story.I like this moment when we can share and talk face to face. It's very meaningful for me. We can know each other better than before. I want to gather for a long time like that, but we didnt have enough time.

The last day, we go to cable car and Telaga tujuh waterfall. There is sky bridge in Langkawi. we must go to top the mountain to see it. We can see LAngkawi from the top.It's very amazing and fantastic.Before that, we only got our breakfast at "warung". The food just like that. Nothing special. after that, we continued our journey to Telaga tujuh waterfall.We must hiking to go to the top. so tired, but we want to go to the top. We can see amazing waterfall and also have free fish spa there. hahaha.... At 5.15, we went back to Penang. In the ferry, we are shaking. The AC is very cold. one cloth is not enough for us. I also can saw sunset on the journey...

The trip is over but our friendship is never over. I promise it. Happy and sad together there.... I really appreciate this time....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Over ald

UEC is over...
But how about the result???
give up about it...
Hope all be OK....

Now, I and friends ready for our trip to Langkawi...
go go go.....^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

UEC lai le....

Yesterday for Physics
Today for Chemistry

I think my physics will be fail
I can't do that
it;s so hard for me

However, this chem...
I have confident to do it....
but not sure for the result

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


UEC exam start from today until next week....
today is BM exam....
I hope i can score B for this lesson...
But, why rumusan so difficult...
i have not enough time to do it...
At least , i wrote half of it,....
hua hua hua...
hope all will Ok...

Today also Jermine's B'day...
Happy B'day for him..
Hope u all the best....^^

Monday, October 19, 2009

2days b4 UEC

Bio.. chem.... mat... eng... all on my table...
so boring look them everyday.....

if u ask me, am i nervous....
I have a little....

however time gone very fast....
Sometimes i cannot arrange my time for every subject....


Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 days b4 UEC

Holiday.. holiday..
make me lazy...
this 4 days i must fight with my laziness.....

Chemistry, math, Bio, english...
all of them...

i am K.O.


However, my parent gave me permission go to langkawi with my classmates after the exam..
can't wait that day....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 days b4 UEC

Today, i go home earlier from school...
HCHS let us go home earlier...

However, before that we must help them to move all our table and chair to another class..
They want to take our class. So from now on, we don't have class..(for science class=== no class for this year)..
But i am not really care about it..

Today, i have planning don't want to go to school.But i have question with my chemistry.. unfortunately, NBL didn't come to school today.... really unlucky....

Yesterday, i called my parent...
he said some of my family in Padang moved to another city because scared of earthquake..
My parent and my grandpa will not move....
They still have a lot of things to do in Padang.
I hope they will be OK..
I don't want look they are suffering there...
As long as they are happy, I am also happy.....

Today, i concentrate with my Biology...
Biology sometimes really s*cks..
The question really hard, but the answer so easy...
There are a lot of trap inside too..
So be careful

7days before UEC

7 days before UEC.

Today a lot of people who i know celebrate their birthday...

Diana will celebrate her birthday with Barbecue...
And sorry to Sebastian.. we can't celebrate ur birthday at school..
We are too busy and don't have time to go out.....

My Idol(Donghae) also birthday today...
Wish them all the best...

Today i borrow biology text book from library...
I don't know i can read all of them or not..
but at least, i do my best.....

I did all Add math pass year already...
I think i can do it..
But sometimes i forget how to do it....

I have short memory for studying......

In this 7 days, i must take care my self and studying hard...
like my BM teacher wrote in my friendship book..
1% lucky and 99% hardworking.....

hope my lucky more than 1% when i do my examination...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

8days before UEC

Today is my farewell in choir society.
We ate Pizza and McD together...
Today we also celebrate manlyn's b'day....

Today, i become more lazy than yesterday..
I am not feeling well and i always want to sleep....

When my chem teacher asked, "Any question??"
I feel i have a lot question but if i asked her, i think she will say"all in the notes"
I know i am not good in it....
i feel i like a stupid person...

I already try to understand it.. but still now, i really can't remember or understand it completely...

Whatever i thinking about..
I hope i can do my best in UEC and this will not make her disappointed.

I must say "jia you" to my self....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 days b4 UEC

9 days before

i did a lot of revision...
not only me, all my classmate also really serious at studying.

After did my revision, i don't think can score a lot of subject....
Maybe i will give up about physics...
until now, i can't understand it and i don't like it too....

I read my biology when i am typing in my blog...
huh.. make my brain tired...
I feel i can do that. but the question in UEC always hard... WE really need to think a lot to get the answer..
The question is really complicated.. but the answer really easy....
It reduce my confidence....

Note:today wheeseung's song accompany me when i am studying...
his new song really make me relax.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

fren or not???

Sometimes i am afraid...
sometimes i am not thinking seriously about that...

I just want to find someone who can hear voice from my heart..
someone who understand me...
Someone who can support me....

not only when i am in good condition...
but when i am down.. when i am sad.. when i have problem..

Now.. people around me just thinking about happiness..
when they are happy with me.... they will come to me..

however... when i am down..
they will leave me alone...
or maybe just say" calm down... don't be sad..."
Only that.....

Until now....
i still don't understand...
What is friend????
Who are they??
what they want???

It's weird, is not it????

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Earthquake at Padang

I had finished my trial exam ald. Today is my art UEC exam... I hope i can pass it... I only have 25% confident about it.
30th September, There was earthquake at padang with 7.6SR.It give Padang big trouble.A lot of people died and houses broken.My family is fine but my grandpa's house broken ald.It has 4 floor from the beginning.Now we can see the third floor only. until now, still no electric. So sad. I don't know what i must do for them. I only can ask their condition and pray from here.Everyday my mind only at Padang. I saw alot of video and photo in FB. Wow, very big disaster. My lovely home town. I can't recognise it. Ce kamek who swam at Ambacang hotel, until now the Sars still can't find her. I hope she still alive. I don't want everybody there suffering.huahuahua
Yesterday, WeiQi's family came to Penang. Her father said, now At Padang really suffering. U can smell the died body everywhere. It's very uncomfortable.There also not enough food. I heard from him, the rice with fried egg and chili is sold at Rp15000,00.......The pretrol Rp15000,00/liter....
The goverment still not help the chinese at padang. It is very unfair. German, japan, Aussie send al to of food, medical and so on,However the chinese didn't get it. What happen with this world...
Where i can complain this problem???? To whom????

Saturday, September 26, 2009

1 day b4 trial UEC

1 day before trial, I still went to prangin.
Eitz.. i have reason why i go there. I brought the present for viriya an vincent.
28th sept is their b'day.
I have a little jealous.
I only celebrate my b'day at indo.
When i can celebrate it with my friends.
huh.. i think when i celebrate my b'day at indo is a little boring.
Sometimes people around me can forget my b'day.
so sad.....
I hope this year, everybody remember my b'day...

Friday, September 25, 2009

2 days before trial UEC

Time keeps walk.....
I only stand there.....
Sometimes i want to fly.It's too hard.
All that i read, i can't memorize it..
All that i practice, i still forget it how to do..
Wad i must do now.
the one who can help me is myself.
However i don't have enough confident for that.
Looking at my friends, they are more clever than me.
I am jealous them (only at studying) for this time.

Mom is busy for relax in Jakarta.
Dad has turned off his phone.
No one in my family remember me here.
They gather together now in Indonesia..
I feel like abandoned.....(choy....i should not thinking like that)
When i go back to Indo, they will busy with their activities..
When i can gather together with them and go somewhere we can play and laugh together....
I miss that time when i was a kid.....
Can i go back to that time?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell for "Dota"

We call xu jian an lao shi as "dota"...
Today i celebrate farewell party for him including jermin, jessi, han. only 4 of us.
At the first, opal n viriya also want to join... however, they suddenly said they couldn't..
I really hate this. B4 that one of them promis us, but suddenly go home with reason " sleepy".
that's really non sense. I hate person who promise but can't done it by herself. how come?
this is only small case, only 1 hours... cann't meh...
Huh.... so tired with person like her.....
If i tell her, she will not accept my advise....

Today, i still can't control my emotion. My feeling explode. I want to angry until i want to cry. but i can't cry.
I forgot when i cry for last time...Maybe last year.. yeah.. that's rite... last year....
My tears can't come out easily. I promise that...
I am strong girl....
I only cry only for my family or people i love.......

Big girl don't cry

Saturday, September 12, 2009

attention... i need it....fren

What is the real meaning of friend?
A lot of people told me of the meaning... there are different with i feeling know....
I feel like stupid people around them.

However one of them make me like her robot...I always beside her when she need friend to share.. 3years already i with her.she still can not read my thinking although i tell her some of my feeling... When there are another friend, she will leave me behind and ignore me... The another friend is always always do everything with herself and only care of herself.

I am not praise my self, but i always tell myself that i live now to serve people around me, give them attention when their sad, accompany them. I am tired already. I tried to stop this "activities" but i feel i am not like my self. Sometimes i also want someone get attention.Who can do that for me?
I also want to share what i am feeling to my friend. But i am not to to express my feeling.10 years later who can be my real friend???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trial Exam coming soon in this 2 weeks

I still have 2 weeks before trial exam.. I am trying to keep away my laptop from my view.. I think i success ald.. But today, sebastian asked me to check viriya's video... huh... "be tahan liao"... After found it, i stared to find the other think.. the most important is the news about korea... I am crazy of it.. hahaha.....
Now i don't have feeling to exam... how come...???? all my friend start to study hard.... but i don't know they can or not.... hihihi..... However i hope i can get 3B's in my UEC... N my parent no need to spend alot of money for my foundation... Amien

Monday, August 31, 2009


Oh my god....
Today is my last holiday...
I still can not believe it..

Sometime i think about UEC..
I feel i want to skip that time if i have the remote.....
i don't have confidence about it...

what i must to do if i faild?
this question always in my mind..
I am tired.....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

29 august 2009

I am not nervous about UEC....
I feel everyday is holiday...
I don't have mood to study...
Why and when i become very lazy..
I lost my mind....
This is not me....

I am tired..
I need warm hug.....
can u give me???


I hope there is someone who really understand me and take care of me well...
am i dreaming???


I wait for that day when i can see him/her.......

jerejak island

It must be a long time i haven't write in my blog....
At 27st august, i got one day trip with my S3 classmates to jerejak island...
I was raining, we didn't play a lot of game there. However, i like play flying fog there.^^
At that day, jason got accident with chris' car and also after we got our breakfast. I was speechless that time.
Now we try to share to fix it....

That day, i don't know why the atmosphere was weird in my feeling...
I am lonely in the crowded....T.T
People ignore me....T.T
Sometimes i want to show my feeling... but i am not good to show it...
I am useless.....

I can't think like that...
I must be optimist person..... kyaaaa..... fighting...

To my S3 classmate, please understand me....^^
I only want to make nice memory before we graduate.

When i lost my control, please remind me..
When i am sad, please tell me some joke..
When i am happy, let we laugh together....
I hope i can make perfect memory in my high school time....


Friday, August 14, 2009


Wei lin passed her test for enter the collage in singapure. i congratulate her. How about me next year?? can i enter that collage??

Yesterday, i and my classmate planning about our trip to pulau jelajah this month. However, still not sure because of Jessi and opal. Opal said she need to go back her hometown.Jessi has her own reason.
I really disappointed with them. Last time i cant go together with them to fruit farm.That time i really want to go.
Now, when i have time to go together, they can't go and have their own reason. So bad luck of me..... That time i really jealous, they went there without me. How come......?????
I have no idea now.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Kucik is sick ald... All family worry about him. I hope he will ok.......
tomorrow, we will go back to school. i am not ready for it. next week is our exam. Can i do it??

Monday, August 10, 2009


this is not the real of me. What happen now? i feel like i change.

Friday, August 7, 2009

HCHs is closed until wed

Yesterday, principal announced us that school will be closed until Wednesday because of H1N1. A lot of student of HCHS are sick. 2 student suspect positive H1N1 and back to their hometown. so scared... but i hope it will not become more serious..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today i get my certificate for choral speaking competition. so happy ^^
I'm so happy to about my art. yesterday i did it for 4 hours and today i get the teacher like it...
I hope i can scored art in UEC also

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cho Kyu hyun

Birth name Cho Kyuhyun Also known as Guixian (圭賢/圭贤) Born February 3, 1988 (1988-02-03) (age 20) Origin Republic of Korea Genre(s) K-pop, Mandopop, R&B Occupation(s) Singer, dancer Instrument(s) Singing, piano Voicune type(s) Bass Years active 2006–present Label(s) SM Entertainment Associated acts SMTown
Super Junior
Super Junior-K.R.Y
Super Junior-MPre-debut

Cho Kyuhyun's singing talents were discovered after he won third place at the Chin Chin Singing Competition in 2005. He soon signed under SM Entertainment and was featured in the video remake of TVXQ's single "Hi Ya Ya" along with other Chin Chin idols.

Before Kyuhyun's addition to Super Junior, the original twelve members were said to be separating and "graduating" as the band was still presented as a project group at the time, the concept being very similar to Japan's popular girl group, Morning Musume. Although Kyuhyun's addition to the group initially brought in an unpleasant surprise and disatisfaction within the group's fans who supported the original twelve members, his addition ended Super Junior's life as a project group and began its life as a permanent group.12 Kyuhyun was quickly accepted and acknowledged by the fans as the thirteenth member of Super Junior.

[edit] Debut Further information: Super Junior

Kyuhyun's first media appearance was mysterious and not acknowledged. He made his first appearance as a part of Super Junior in a news broadcast on May 23, 2006 when the group was introducing their comeback single, "U". Kyuhyun made his debut perforance on May 26, 2006 at SBS's I-Concert performing the new single "U", where it was also the group's first comeback performance as a permanent group. Towards the end of 2006, Kyuhyun, along with Yesung and Ryeowook, were placed in Super Junior's first subgroup, Super Junior-K.R.Y. The trio debuted in November 5, 2006 on KBS's Music Bank.3 In early 2008, Kyuhyun was placed in a third Super Junior subgroup, Super Junior-M. The subgroup specializes in singing Mandarin versions of Super Junior's Korean songs, bringing the K-pop influence over to the Chinese music industry. Super Junior-M is the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent.4 The seven-member group debuted in China on April 8, 2008 at the 8th Annual Music Chart Awards and with the release of their first single music video, "U".


In the early morning of April 19, 2007, just one
month before Kyuhyun's first anniversary in Super Junior, Kyuhyun, along with with Super Junior members Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and two managers were all hospitalized due to a car accident when returning from a recording of the radio program Super Junior Kiss the Radio. The driver lost control of the vehicle as the van flipped over on its right side. Kyuhyun, who was sitting behind the driver's seat when the accident occurred, was the most injured and had a fractured hip, pneumothorax from fractured ribs, and facial scratches and bruises.He was slipping in and out of consciousness, and was mute because of the shock. Kyuhyun had been in the ICU ever since the night of the accident, but after six days he was moved to a regular hospital room, unexpected of his fast recovery. Kyuhyun also did not need the respiratory machine anymore to support his breathing. Though it was said that he was only able to walk on his own one month after the accident. Kyuhyun was discharged on July 5, 2007 after 78 days.

Lee Dong hae

Dong Hae is close friends with Yunho of DBSK /TVXQ. He was put into a five member group with Lee Teuk before the debut of Super Junior, but it fell through. His father, who he hadn’t seen for six years due to his training as a singer, passed away on August 8, 2006 due to chronic illness. Some of the names of said group were “OK”, “Smile”, and “Pricor”. Recently, he was featured in BoA’s Key Of Heart Korean music video as BoA’s high school boyfriend & a robot. He was also featured in SNSD's Kissing You mv. he's so adorable!!

his ideal girl is someone who will take good care of him.

donghae's personality is just sooo cute, he's such a kid!!! <333 him!!!

+ His name is Donghae. "Dong" as in east. Hae" as in sea.

+ He grew up in Mokpo and went to Seoul when he was very young. He has been separated from his parents for five years due to training. He often lost sleep worrying about them.

+ Although the training was very long, but to succeed as a singer, he stayed strong until today.

+ He loves children and puppies.

+ He looks cold-hearted, but is actually a very warm-hearted, nice person.

+ When he twisted his foot on stage, he held back the pain because of the next performance and the fans.

+ He sometimes tells nonsense stories to make people happy.

+ He is cute when you see his silly side.

+ He is a person who everyone around him likes.

+ When his hyung (older brother/male) is in an upset mood, he will cook noodles for them.

+ When he jokes with his hyung, he will not use formalities.

+ Like a girl, he is very pretty, but has a manly face-structure.

+ He will always remember his hyung's birthdays. He doesn't manage a Cyworld often, but when it's a friend's birthday, he would post pictures and a message on his Cyworld.

+ He often wears a hat or a beanie.

+ When he was still in the group O-Kay, Hyukjae and Junsu jokingly told him that he is officially a celebrity and his life/himself will change. Once he heard of that, he ran out to the streets and cried.

+ He often cried when he was on the phone with his parents. He is now trying hard to hold back his tears.

+ When his father was sick, he rushed over to see him.

+ When he received his first place award for the first time, he said, "Father, I hope you're healthy."

+ When he received his first place award for the first time, he thought back of the hardships endured before and cried.

+ He loves to watch movies, especially foreign movies like Titanic (evidence in Super Junior Full House).

+ Although he once said he doesn't like to be too close (as in body contact) with someone, we can obviously see that he loves hugging.

+ He loves Song Hye Gyo.

+ He loves seafood.

+ When he is with Hyukjae, he is very playful like a puppy.

+ He likes it when others call him a prince.

+ Eunhyuk & Donghae = Eunhae. But because he is afraid that Siwon will be mad, he created Eunshihae.

+ He said he is very happy that he is part of Super Junior

Friday, July 31, 2009

Miraculous victory and defeat

Miraculous victory and defeat

ready for graduate??

Today is funny day. We ,SC3-S, practise doing video for our graduate. Hahaha....
We are singing, dance, "narsis" and everything.
However, is still not ready for UEC. What i must plan for it.....?????

nice friday

Go to school, chatting with friends, kidding, laugh, see 'him'......
Go to mall, Window shopping , shopping, gossip girl.........
That's i passed my time today...
It will be nice if everyday like this....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No mood

Handjaya, Widi, and stiven come back to penang. That's good news rite. However, i can't believe it. I didn't join them. I was dissapointed. Tonight Handjaya invite me to Gasoline with other kajang member n stiven. I usually selp before 12 but of thiz i delay it. Arrived to Gasoline, we order the drinks and foods. Everybody was busy with their activities. I become clumsy girl there. I really don't know what i must do. Fortunately, Santi let me watch SJ's MV in her ipod.
What happen with me??? This week i always feel lonely in the crowed. I also don't have mood to do anything. I only want to relax my mind with listening music or watch video. Sometimes, i become scared for nothing.
I hope i can solve this. T-T

Super Junior ~Discography~

Super Junior ~Discography~

Super Junior (슈퍼주니어; SuJu; 슈주) is a 13 member pop music boyband from South Korea, produced by SM Entertainment. All of the members are involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry, including acting, DJing, MCing and modelling.
Heechul (희철); Eeteuk (이특); Hankyung (한경); Yehsung (예성)
Kangin (강인); Shindong (신동); Sungmin (성민); Eunhyuk (은혁)
Donghae (동해); Shiwon (시원); Ryeowook (려욱)
Kibum (기범); Kyuhyun (규현)
(ALBUM) SORRY, SORRY (Version C bonus tracks)
1. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)
3. 너라고 (It’s You)
4. 사랑이 죽는 병 (Love Disease)
5. 첫번째 이야기 (Love U More)
2. Niga Joheun Iyu (Why I like you) (니가 좋은 이유)
3. Majuchiji Malja (Let’s not…) (마주치지 말자)
4. Angela (앤젤라 )
8. Ibyeol… Neon Swipni (Heartquake) (이별… 넌 쉽니 )
9. CLUB No.1
11. Jugeoissneun Geot (Dead at heart) (죽어있는 것 )
(SINGLE) ROCK & GO (Super Junior-T)
1. Rokkugo!
2. For tomorrow / Sungmin (SUPER JUNIOR-T) X Moeyan
3. Rokkugo! (Instrumental)
4. For tomorrow (Instrumental)
5. For tomorrow (Instrumental with Moeyan)
1. U
3. Miracle
4. Endless Moment
(Mini-album) Cooking? Cooking! (Super Junior-Happy)
1. 요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)
2. 파자마 파티 (Pajama Party)
3. 둘이 (You&I)
4. 꿀단지(Sunny)
5. 잘해봐 (Good Luck!!)
(LIVE ALBUM) Super Show
1. Welcome to S.J.World
2. Twins (Knock Out)
3. Intro+Rock This House
4. Intro+돈돈! (Don’t Don)
5. Asian Freak Show
6. 갈증 (A Man In Love)
7. 거울 (Mirror)
8. Ment #1
9. 사랑이 떠나다 (She’s Gone)
10. You’re My Endless Love (말하자면)
11. Dancing Out
12. The Night Chicago Died
13. My Everything (동해)
14. 처음 느낌 그대로 (규현, 려욱)
15. 인형 (이특, 예성)
16. 걸음을 멈추고
17. 룩셈부르크 (강인, 성민, 시원)
1. 로꾸거! (Rokuko)
2. 첫차 (First Express)
3. 나같은건 없는건가요 (Don’t Go Away)
4. H.I.T. (히트)
5. One Love (은혁, 예성, 려욱, 규현)
6. 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
7. Ment #2
8. Marry U
9. Y.M.C.A.
10. Wonder Boy
11. 첫눈이 와 (First Snow)
12. Ment #3
13. 마지막 승부(The girl is mine)
14. U
15. 행복 (Full Of Happiness)
16. 차근차근 (Way For Love)
17. Believe
18. Miracle
19. [Bonus Track] One Love (Studio Ver.)
(ALBUM) Me (Super Junior-M)
1. 迷 (Me)
2. U
3. 至少还有你
4. 你是我的奇迹 (Miracle)
5. 爱你爱你 (Love Song)
6. 我抱着我 (In my Arms)
7. Don’t Don
8. Marry U
9. 我的二分之一 (Full of Happiness)
10. 渴望 (A Man In Love)
11. 这一秒 (The Moment)
12. The One
13. 迷 (Me) (KOREAN VER.)
14. 당신이기에 (KOREAN VER.)
15. 아이니아이니 (KOREAN VER.)
(SONGS from compilation album) 2007 WINTER SMTOWN – ONLY LOVE
1. 사랑 하나죠 (Only Love) – SMTown
4. 첫눈이 와 (First Snow)
(OST) 30000 Miles In Search of My Son Original Soundtrack (아들찾아 삼만리 OST)
8. Our Love (Drama Ver.)
(ALBUM) Don’t Don (Repackaged)
1. 돈 돈! (Don’t Don)
2. Sowoni Issnayo (Sapphire Blue) (소원이 있나요)
3. You’re My Endless Love (Malhajamyeon) (말하자면)
4. Miwo (Hate U, Love U) (미워)
5. Disco Drive
6. Marry U
7. I am
8. Sarangi Tteonada (She’s Gone) (사랑이 떠나다)
9. Missin’ U
10. Geoul (Mirror) (거울)
11. Urideurui Sarang (Our Love) (우리들의 사랑)
12. Midnight Fantasy
13. Thank You
14. Aju Meon Yesnal (Song For You) (아주 먼 옛날)
15. Marry U (New ver.)
16. 갈증 (A Man In Love)
17. 마지막 승부 (The girl is mine)
18. 갈증 (A Man In Love) (Remix ver.)
(OST) Attack On the Pin-Up Boys Original Soundtrack (꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건 OST)
1. Wonder Boy
5. Are you ready?
(SONGS from compilation album) 2007 SUMMER SMTOWN – FRAGILE
2. 여행을 떠나요 Let’s Go On a Trip! – SMTown
3. Full of Happiness
4. Eve Warning (이브의 경고)
8. Time Clam Shells (조개껍질 묶어)
9. Under the sea
(OST) H.I.T Original Soundtrack (히트 OST)
1. Success
6. H.I.T
1. 로꾸거!!! (ROKUKO)
2. 첫차 (featuring 방실이) (FIRST EXPRESS)
3. 나 같은건 없는건가요 (DON’T GO AWAY)
4. 로꾸거!!! [Instrumental]
5. 첫차 (featuring 방실이) [Instrumental]
6. 나 같은건 없는건가요 [Instrumental]
(OST) Billy Jean Look At Me Original Soundtrack (빌리진 날 봐요 OST)
2. 그것뿐이에요 (Just You)
(OST) Snow Flower Original Soundtrack (눈꽃 OST)
3. 걸음을 멈추고
(SONGS from compilation album) 2006 WINTER SMTOWN – Snow Dream
1. Snow Dream – SMTown
3. Tic! Toc!
5. 그것뿐이에요 (Just You)
(OST) Hyena Original Soundtrack (하이에나 OST)
1. The Night Chicago Die
2. 한 사람만을 (The One I Love)
5. Smile

(SONGS from compilation album) ‘06 SUMMER SMTOWN
1. Full Sun (Red Sun) – SMTown
3. Dancing Out
10. Smile!

1. U
2. Endless Moment Endless Moment
3. Lovely Day

(ALBUM) SuperJunior05
1. Miracle
2. Twins (Knock Out)
3. You Are The One
4. Rock This House
5. Chageunchageun (Way For Love) (차근차근)
6. So I
7. Over
8. Keep In Touch
9. L.O.V.E
10. Believe
11. Twins (Knock Out) (Instrumental)

Super show super junior

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Super show super junior

Monday, July 27, 2009

starking Ep 118

English test

Today i have English test. It follows UEC format. At the first i really have pressure of it because i can't do my paper 1 well. However, i think i can do it better than my paper 1. I hope it will increase my average for English. ^^

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shinee profile


Jonghyun (鐘鉉)
Real name: Kim Jong Hyun

Birthday : 1990. 4. 8
Group : SHINee
Company : SM Entertainment
Height : 173.0cm
Hobbies : Watching movies, singing
Expertise : Writing lyrics, Chinese
Experience : Zhang Liyin - 'Wrongly Given Love' Featuring

ONEW (溫流) ( leader )
Real name:Lee JinKi

Birthday : 1989. 12. 14
Group : SHINee
Company : SM Entertainment
Height : 177.0cm
Expertise : Piano, Chinese

Taemin (泰民)
Real name:Lee Tae Min

Birthday : 1993. 7. 18
Group : SHINee
Company : SM Entertainment
Height : 175.0cm
Hobbies : Listening to music, Poppin dance
Expertise : Piano, Chinese

Real name :Kim Ki Bum

Birthday : 1991. 9. 23
Group : SHINee
Company : SM Entertainment
Height : 177.0cm
Hobbies : Rap, Dance, Waterski
Expertise : English, Chinese

Minho (珉豪)
Real name:Choi Min Ho

Birthday : 1991. 12. 9
Group : SHINee
Company : SM Entertainment
Height : 181.0cm
Hobbies : Soccer, Basketball
Expertise : Acting, English, Chinese
Experience : Hasangbek '2008/09 F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan', 'Seoul Collection F/W 08-09' Model

Ft island profile

♥ FT Island Profile ♥

Name: 홍기
Name: Lee Hong Ki
Position: Lead Vocal
Nickname: Cute Rebellion
D.O.B: 2nd March 1990
Blood Type: A
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Best Feature:
Singing, Playing Soccer
Hobbies: Singing, Listening to music, Soccer, Internet, Cooking
For His Future Love: "Let's try our best, if I can't do well, please understand & forgive me"

Name: Choi Jong Hun
Position: Leader, Guitar & Piano
Nickname: Sexy Jonghun
D.O.B: 7th March 1990
Blood Type: A
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Best Feature:
Hobbies: Listening to music, Internet
For His Future Love: "I’ll buy something for you, may I? What do you want?"

Name: Oh Won Bin
Position: Vocal, Guitar
Nickname: Mischievous Wonbin
D.O.B: 26th March 1990
Blood Type: O
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Best Feature:
Dimples, Smile
Martial arts, Harmonica
Hobbies: Sports, Reading, Listening to music
For His Future Love: "When will you appear in front of me? I’m so lonely~"

Name: 이 재 진
Name: Lee Jae Jin
Position: Bass Guitar
Nickname: Volunteer
D.O.B: 17th December 1991
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Best Feature:
Bass Guitar, Listening to traditional music
Hobbies: Internet, Questioning
For His Future Love: "Saranghae~"

Name: Choi Min Hwan
Position: Drums
Nickname: 민둥이
D.O.B: 11th November 1992
Blood Type: A
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Best Feature:
Drums, Eating chicken
Hobbies: Listening to music, Internet
For His Future Love: "My lovely beautiful girlfriend, please take care of your health. Love you!"

How to improve your memory

1. Convince yourself that you do have a good memory that will improve. Too many people get stuck here and convince themselves that their memory is bad, that they are just not good with names, that numbers just slip out of their minds for some reason. Erase those thoughts and vow to improve your memory. Commit yourself to the task and bask in your achievements -- it's hard to keep motivated if you beat yourself down every time you make a little bit of progress.
2. Exercise your brain. Regularly “exercising" the brain keeps it growing and spurs the development of new nerve connections that can help improve memory. By developing new mental skills—especially complex ones such as learning a new language or learning to play a new musical instrument—and challenging your brain with puzzles and games you can keep your brain active and improve its physiological functioning. Try some puzzle exercises everyday such as word cross, sudoku and some other games as easy to put into your mobile phone and practise it maybe once for 30 minutes per day.
3. Exercise daily. Regular aerobic exercise improves circulation and efficiency throughout the body, including in the brain, and can help ward off the memory loss that comes with aging. Exercise also makes you more alert and relaxed, and can thereby improve your memory uptake, allowing you to take better mental “pictures."
4. Reduce stress. Chronic stress, although it does not physically damage the brain, can make remembering much more difficult. After prolonged stress the brain will be damaged. Stressful situations are recognized by the hypothalamus, which in turn signals the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland secreted adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)which influences the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline and later cortisol(corticosteroids). The corticosteroids can weaken the blood-brain barrier and damage the hippocampus(the memory center). Ironically, the hippocampus controls the secretion of the hormone released by the hypothalamus through a process of negative feedback. After chronic stress it will be damaged and it will not be as efficient in regulating the degenerative corticosteroids and memory will be harmed. Neurogenesis (formation of new neurons) indeed exists in the hippocampus but stress inhibits it. To recapitulate and synthesis, chronic stress will affect your health and your memory, it will damage the brain so the best option is to learn to control stress. Stress will never be eliminated, but it definitely can be controlled. []Even temporary stresses can make it more difficult to effectively focus on concepts and observe things. Try to relax, regularly practice yoga or other stretching exercises, and see a doctor if you have severe chronic stress as soon as possible.
5. Eat well and eat right. There are a lot of herbal supplements on the market that claim to improve memory, but none have yet been shown to be effective in clinical tests (although small studies have shown some promising results for ginkgo biloba and phosphatidylserine). A healthy diet, however, contributes to a healthy brain, and foods containing antioxidants—broccoli, blueberries, spinach, and berries, for example—and Omega-3 fatty acids appear to promote healthy brain functioning. Feed your brain with such supplements as Thiamine, Vitamin E, Niacin and Vitamin B-6. Grazing, eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals, also seems to improve mental functioning (including memory) by limiting dips in blood sugar, which may negatively affect the brain.
6. Take better pictures. Often we forget things not because our memory is bad, but rather because our observational skills need work. One common situation where this occurs (and which almost everyone can relate to) is meeting new people. Often we don’t really learn people’s names at first because we aren’t really concentrating on remembering them. You’ll find that if you make a conscious effort to remember such things, you’ll do much better. One way to train yourself to be more observant is to look at an unfamiliar photograph for a few seconds and then turn the photograph over and describe or write down as many details as you can about the photograph. Try closing your eyes and picturing the photo in your mind. Use a new photograph each time you try this exercise, and with regular practice you will find you’re able to remember more details with even shorter glimpses of the photos.
7. Give yourself time to form a memory. Memories are very fragile in the short-term, and distractions can make you quickly forget something as simple as a phone number. The key to avoid losing memories before you can even form them is to be able to focus on the thing to be remembered for a while without thinking about other things, so when you’re trying to remember something, avoid distractions and complicated tasks for a few minutes.
8. Create vivid, memorable images. You remember information more easily if you can visualize it. If you want to associate a child with a book, try not to visualize the child reading the book – that's too simple and forgettable. Instead, come up with something more jarring, something that sticks, like the book chasing the child, or the child eating the book. It's your mind – make the images as shocking and emotional as possible to keep the associations strong.
9. Repeat things you need to learn. The more times you hear, see, or think about something, the more surely you’ll remember it, right? It’s a no-brainer. When you want to remember something, be it your new coworker’s name or your best friend's birthday, repeat it, either out loud or silently. Try writing it down; think about it.
10. Group things you need to remember. Random lists of things (a shopping list, for example) can be especially difficult to remember. To make it easier, try categorizing the individual things from the list. If you can remember that, among other things, you wanted to buy four different kinds of vegetables, you’ll find it easier to remember all four.
11. Organize your life. Keep items that you frequently need, such as keys and eyeglasses, in the same place every time. Use an electronic organizer or daily planner to keep track of appointments, due dates for bills, and other tasks. Keep phone numbers and addresses in an address book or enter them into your computer or cell phone. Improved organization can help free up your powers of concentration so that you can remember less routine things. Even if being organized doesn’t improve your memory, you’ll receive a lot of the same benefits (i.e. you won’t have to search for your keys anymore).
12. Try meditation. Research now suggests that people who regularly practice "mindfulness" meditation are able to focus better and may have better memories. Mindfulness (also known as awareness or insight meditation) is the type commonly practiced in Western countries and is easy to learn. Studies at Massachusetts General Hospital show that regular meditation thickens the cerebral cortex in the brain by increasing the blood flow to that region. Some researchers believe this can enhance attention span, focus, and memory.
13. Sleep well. The amount of sleep we get affects the brain's ability to recall recently learned information. Getting a good night's sleep – a minimum of seven hours a night – may improve your short-term memory and long-term relational memory, according to recent studies conducted at the Harvard Medical School.
14. Build your memorization arsenal. Learn pegs, memory palaces, and the Dominic System. These techniques form the foundation for mnemonic techniques, and will visibly improve your memory.
15. Venture out and learn from your mistakes. Go ahead and take a stab at memorizing the first one hundred digits of pi, or, if you've done that already, the first one thousand. Memorize the monarchs of England through your memory palaces, or your grocery list through visualization. Through diligent effort you will eventually master the art of memorization.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Turtle

Today, I have planning to go to Kek Lok si. I will let my little turtle live there. Actually, it can't live there because it's size. It can't grow bigger. It still at the same size since i bought it. However, it's cute at that size. I hope it can find it's friend there and has good meal. I also say sorry to it because i always forget to fed it. I will miss always 'welcome' everyday when i go home from school. Good Bye, my turtle....I hope u'll be OK there...^^

Friday, July 24, 2009


Today all student at HCHS make mudball. This is one kind of activity to save our earth. They will throw it to river. There are bacteria inside and will break down the rubbish at the river. We can see the reaction after 3 month. This mission calls " apology to mother earth". so nice, isn't it?

Friday, July 17, 2009

choral speaking VS choir

15 july 2009, i went to IPOH with choral speaking member. That day will be our last day going together. No more
practice and laugh together. However that day we won the 3rd place from 6 group. We really happy but also sad.
In choral speaking, we get new friend and laugh together. A lot of memory we left there. Now, I really feel boring at school because i miss that time.
Choral speaking disturb my study for UEC. but i also can learn something from there. It all about friendship and teamwork. I really enjoy for it. It was a sweet memory in my mind.
At that time our choir also get 2nd place.

Today i have choir performance at school. It very disgusting. We already practice for many times. but we still can't do it well. Huh. So tired about it. not only that, the teacher also can only complain to us. Huh... the people in that choir also not friendly at me anymore. It's really s*cks. I really boring there. Everytime i go there, i will have no mood. I hope today will my last day in choir. and i will say bye2 for member there..

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Saturday, July 4, 2009

choral Speaking and forum...

I am very happy these 2 days.....
At third of July i and my friends who join choral speaking won the second place ...
The competition still continues ... We will go Ipoh at 15th of July.....
That's very fun for me.........
But.... Because of this... I have problem with my study..... it very disturbing.....

Not only that yesterday I won the Bahasa Malaysia forum competition...
I , Jessi, Hanjoyo and teng teng was one group from SC3.
Sebastian, viriya, Jermine and Jia Jenq also participate at this competition... they won the third place.....
I chosen as Ahli panel 1 terbaik.... I felt lucky.... At the morning, I still cannot remember the text and did it worse... fortunately, I can did it well on the competition....
I am really happy.....

Friday, July 3, 2009

+data bout suju


Real name:Park Jungsu
Sibling:1 older sister(Park Inyoung)
School:Baekjae Junior College
Blood type: A
Nicknames:Angel Without Wings,Teuki Teuki Leeteuki,AngelTeuk,Lida Park,Peter Pan
Ideal Girl:Pretty, outgoing girl(163cm would be the ideal height) with thin ankles and wrists.



Real name:Kim Heechul
Sibling:1 older sister(Kim Heejin)
Position:Sub leader, rapper, sub vocal
School:Sangji Univ.
Blood type: AB(he has a strong pride in his blood type:P)
Nicknames:Heenim, Cinderella, Sachawon, Kim Cherry
Ideal Girl:Single-eyelided girl with a pretty neck who looks good in mini skirts.



Real name:Han Geng/Han Kyung
School:Beijing Central Ethnical Univ.(WHAT?not sure)
Blood type: B
Nicknames:Eagle, The Miracle of 1.3 Million, Angel of Heilung Jiang
Ideal Girl:Cute girl who respects his parents and loves him for who he is


Real name:Kim Jongwoon
Sibling:1 younger brother(Kim Jongjin)
Position:Lead vocal
School:Chungwoon Univ.
Blood type: AB
Nicknames:Cloud, Artistic Vocal Cords, Singing Yesung, Cheonan Uljjang
Ideal Girl:Moon Geungyoung


Real name:Kim Youngwoon
Position:Sub vocal
School:Kyunghee Cyber Univ.(Major:Cultural Arts Management)
Blood type: O
Nicknames:Bear Kangin,Strength Kangin,raccoon,Korea No.1 Handsome Guy,The Real Leader
Ideal Girl:Rich, pretty girl with pretty feet and long straight hair
*Rich girl? How materialistic!!!!(just kidding=D)



Real name:Shin Donghee
School:Baekjae Junior College (Major:Dance)
Blood type: O
Nickname:Dolpan Ogyupsal(a type of food)
Ideal Girl:Cute, short girl



Real name:Lee Sungmin
Sibling:1 younger brother(Lee Sungjin)
Position:Main vocal
School:Myungji Univ. (Major:Film Musical)
Blood type: A
Nicknames:Pumpkin Guy,Sungmin Who’s Too Cute for Us
Ideal Girl:Cute, short, nice girl



Real name:Lee Hyukjae
Sibling:1 older sister(Lee Sora)
Position:Rapper,sub vocal
School:Paichai Univ.
Religion:Heretical Christian
Blood type: O
Nicknames:Monkey,Gem Adonis,Little Mermaid,cockroach,Hallyu Star,Hyojjae,Hyukgoo
Ideal Girl:Pale-skinned, cute, short girl


Real name:Lee Donghae
Sibling:1 older brother(Lee Donghwa)
Position:Rapper, sub vocal
School:Myungji Univ.(Major:Performance Arts)
Nickname:Fish, Sushi, Hweh, Ryeowook’s #1 Fan, Bada’s Dad, East Sea(Donghae means East Sea(Sea of Japan) in Korean), Mokpo Uljjang
Ideal Girl:Caring, motherly girl with pretty collarbones (eek, collarbones?)



Real name:Choi Siwon
Sibling:1 younger sister(Choi Jiwon)
School:Inha Univ.(Major:Physical education)(not theology?)
Position:Sub vocal
Blood type: B
Nickname:Simba, The Lord’s #1 Fan, bodyguard, gentleman, horse
Ideal Girl:Christian Girl with wavy hair and abs



Real name:Kim Ryeowook
School:Inha Univ.(Major:Theater Arts)
Position:Main vocal
Blood type: O
Nickname:Ryeonggoo, Eternal Maknae(youngest), Rank #1, Ryeowook On Top, Ex-Maknae
Ideal Girl:Short girl who can sing



Real name:Kim Kibum
Sibling:1 younger sister(Kim Saehee)
Blood type: A
Nickname:Snow White, The Natural One
Ideal Girl:Han Ga-In



Real name:Cho Kyuhyun
Sibling:1 older sister(Cho Ara)
Position:Main vocal
School:Kyunghee Univ.(Major:Post Modern Music)
Blood type: A
Nickname: Choding, Maknae(youngest) On Top, Micky’s Best Fan,Lord Kyu ,Sulky Kyu, Excellent Plastic Surgery Result(=P) Kyu, Porn Kyu, Fit-In Kyu, Chic Kyu, Alien, Jesus Kyu, Dorm Kyu, Sexy Kyu, Baby Kyu, Shy Kyu, ELF Kyu, Green Kyu, Terror Kyu, Rotten Smile Kyu, Guinness Kyu, Voice Kyu, Dark Kyu, Model Kyu, Miracle Kyu, Doll Kyu, S Line Kyu, Basic Instinct Kyu, Game Kyu,etc! (it’s rumored that he has over 900 nicknames)
Ideal Girl: Pretty,Christian,Kim Taehee-like girl.

Zhou Mi

Real name:Zhou Mi


Real name:Henry Lau
Birthday:10/11/89 (He’s Canadian! Canadian guys=hotness)
School:A.Y.Jackson Secondary School
Siblings:One older brother and one younger sister