Friday, July 17, 2009

choral speaking VS choir

15 july 2009, i went to IPOH with choral speaking member. That day will be our last day going together. No more
practice and laugh together. However that day we won the 3rd place from 6 group. We really happy but also sad.
In choral speaking, we get new friend and laugh together. A lot of memory we left there. Now, I really feel boring at school because i miss that time.
Choral speaking disturb my study for UEC. but i also can learn something from there. It all about friendship and teamwork. I really enjoy for it. It was a sweet memory in my mind.
At that time our choir also get 2nd place.

Today i have choir performance at school. It very disgusting. We already practice for many times. but we still can't do it well. Huh. So tired about it. not only that, the teacher also can only complain to us. Huh... the people in that choir also not friendly at me anymore. It's really s*cks. I really boring there. Everytime i go there, i will have no mood. I hope today will my last day in choir. and i will say bye2 for member there..


  1. It will really be your last day in choir.
    Start from next week u form6 guys no need go for co-curicullum(is the spelling rite or not har??@~@''') already... happy??
    who didnt treat u friendly?? U tell me, i go scold them... xp
    btw Good luck for yr UEC exam~~

  2. hahha... don't worry lar... I will solve it by my self. thx...