Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No mood

Handjaya, Widi, and stiven come back to penang. That's good news rite. However, i can't believe it. I didn't join them. I was dissapointed. Tonight Handjaya invite me to Gasoline with other kajang member n stiven. I usually selp before 12 but of thiz i delay it. Arrived to Gasoline, we order the drinks and foods. Everybody was busy with their activities. I become clumsy girl there. I really don't know what i must do. Fortunately, Santi let me watch SJ's MV in her ipod.
What happen with me??? This week i always feel lonely in the crowed. I also don't have mood to do anything. I only want to relax my mind with listening music or watch video. Sometimes, i become scared for nothing.
I hope i can solve this. T-T

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