Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1 november, I and my classmates(only S3) went to Langkawi island and back to penang 3rd November. We get a lot of experience there. Go to a lot of island is the amazing things. Now some of us get sunburn...My skin is really pain now. huahuahua.....

We arrived around 11.30 at langkawi. After lunch, we go to our apartment(rent). We also rent 2 car there.10 of us divided into 2 car. the first car, there are jermine, jia jenq, teng teng, viriya and opal as driver. I. jessi , Sebastian, William and Li kiew as driver.At aparment, we get new problem, that people said, the apartment only fo 4 person. After get a new idea, we can sole this problem. that time, i am very angry and bad mood.Maybe it is because, it was very very hot. with a map, we went to KOTA MAHSURI, go-kart and have seafood dinner at CENANG BEACH.
At night, some of us played card, but I, jessi, opal, and sebastian prefer go to sleep because next day we must wake up earlier.

Second day i langkawi, we go to Island hopping and mangrove tour. In the morning, I waked up at 6 am, I can't sleep. after that one by one the other also waked up and taked a bath. we only get breakfast with bread and chocolate jam. Island hopping, we go to 3 island. There are pantai dayan bunting, pantai beras basah,and pantai..(i forgot the name, but there we can feeding the eagles).there are lake in pantai dayan bunting. This island called "bunting" means pregnant because the shape of this island really like pregnant woman.Pantai beras basah is the most beautiful island that i never seen before. The water is really blue and clean.we also went to Fish Farm in thistrip and also at mangrove tour.We got our seafood brakfast at Pantai Cenang.After lunch, we go to mangrove tour.At mangrove tour, we go to Kilim river, bat cave and also goa kelelawar. Its also bautiful mangrove.At last, we got our lunch at MArryBrown and bought chocolates.

The second night, we( not including sebastian and teng2) share our feeling and opinion. we also told our story.I like this moment when we can share and talk face to face. It's very meaningful for me. We can know each other better than before. I want to gather for a long time like that, but we didnt have enough time.

The last day, we go to cable car and Telaga tujuh waterfall. There is sky bridge in Langkawi. we must go to top the mountain to see it. We can see LAngkawi from the top.It's very amazing and fantastic.Before that, we only got our breakfast at "warung". The food just like that. Nothing special. after that, we continued our journey to Telaga tujuh waterfall.We must hiking to go to the top. so tired, but we want to go to the top. We can see amazing waterfall and also have free fish spa there. hahaha.... At 5.15, we went back to Penang. In the ferry, we are shaking. The AC is very cold. one cloth is not enough for us. I also can saw sunset on the journey...

The trip is over but our friendship is never over. I promise it. Happy and sad together there.... I really appreciate this time....


  1. wow~~ seems fun, how much u all use?? maybe our class can go there next year too... hope so...^^

  2. sorry... long time no ol... i can't reply ur comment....^^
    3days 2 night... about rm500.00

    that's amazing place..
    u must take island trip.......
    really beautifull...