Sunday, October 4, 2009

Earthquake at Padang

I had finished my trial exam ald. Today is my art UEC exam... I hope i can pass it... I only have 25% confident about it.
30th September, There was earthquake at padang with 7.6SR.It give Padang big trouble.A lot of people died and houses broken.My family is fine but my grandpa's house broken ald.It has 4 floor from the beginning.Now we can see the third floor only. until now, still no electric. So sad. I don't know what i must do for them. I only can ask their condition and pray from here.Everyday my mind only at Padang. I saw alot of video and photo in FB. Wow, very big disaster. My lovely home town. I can't recognise it. Ce kamek who swam at Ambacang hotel, until now the Sars still can't find her. I hope she still alive. I don't want everybody there suffering.huahuahua
Yesterday, WeiQi's family came to Penang. Her father said, now At Padang really suffering. U can smell the died body everywhere. It's very uncomfortable.There also not enough food. I heard from him, the rice with fried egg and chili is sold at Rp15000,00.......The pretrol Rp15000,00/liter....
The goverment still not help the chinese at padang. It is very unfair. German, japan, Aussie send al to of food, medical and so on,However the chinese didn't get it. What happen with this world...
Where i can complain this problem???? To whom????


  1. Ya its unfair, so we chinese must be tougher, keep fighting, he he ha hi!!! yo~~~ cheers up^^