Friday, September 25, 2009

2 days before trial UEC

Time keeps walk.....
I only stand there.....
Sometimes i want to fly.It's too hard.
All that i read, i can't memorize it..
All that i practice, i still forget it how to do..
Wad i must do now.
the one who can help me is myself.
However i don't have enough confident for that.
Looking at my friends, they are more clever than me.
I am jealous them (only at studying) for this time.

Mom is busy for relax in Jakarta.
Dad has turned off his phone.
No one in my family remember me here.
They gather together now in Indonesia..
I feel like abandoned.....(choy....i should not thinking like that)
When i go back to Indo, they will busy with their activities..
When i can gather together with them and go somewhere we can play and laugh together....
I miss that time when i was a kid.....
Can i go back to that time?

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