Saturday, September 12, 2009

attention... i need it....fren

What is the real meaning of friend?
A lot of people told me of the meaning... there are different with i feeling know....
I feel like stupid people around them.

However one of them make me like her robot...I always beside her when she need friend to share.. 3years already i with her.she still can not read my thinking although i tell her some of my feeling... When there are another friend, she will leave me behind and ignore me... The another friend is always always do everything with herself and only care of herself.

I am not praise my self, but i always tell myself that i live now to serve people around me, give them attention when their sad, accompany them. I am tired already. I tried to stop this "activities" but i feel i am not like my self. Sometimes i also want someone get attention.Who can do that for me?
I also want to share what i am feeling to my friend. But i am not to to express my feeling.10 years later who can be my real friend???